Our Mission

CSHL WiSE is a network of scientists working to build a more supportive, collaborative, and equal scientific community for all. We provide a platform for professional development and empowerment through mentorship, career planning, and educational opportunities tailored toward issues disproportionately affecting women.

CSHL WiSE was founded in 2015 by students, postdocs and technicians looking to create a strong and collaborative support system for women scientists at CSHL and beyond. WiSE is open to all members of the CSHL community. CSHL WiSE is thankful for the ongoing support of the CSHL administration.

WiSE Party 2017, Photo: Constance Brukin


This #WiSEWednesday we're thrilled to bring you a profile of our very own DOCTOR @litalchart Last Fri she defended her dissertation, allowing her to add "PhD" to her already strong list of credentials (which includes WiSE co-founder & president emeritus)! https://t.co/QvMsKSpUo8

More awesome research from @anne_churchland's lab! Congrats! https://t.co/z6foBKSHqd
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