Faculty Advisory Board

The WiSE Faculty Advisory board consists of active CSHL research faculty, who have demonstrated their commitment to the WISE mission. The primary responsibility of the Faculty Board is to provide mentorship and guidance to WiSE members. More specifically, the obligations of the Faculty Advisory Board are summarized as follows:

  1. The WiSE Executive Student Board meets with the Faculty Advisory board once a year to to discuss the past year’s events and the tentative plan for the upcoming year; faculty advisors offer feedback and recommendations at this time.
  2. Faculty advisors are asked to act as instructors in professional development and education & outreach events hosted by the Executive Student board.
  3. Finally, our advisory board serves as a liaison between WiSE and the CSHL administration.

Leemor Joshua-Tor

Professor & HHMI Investigator
Research Area: Structural biology; nucleic acid regulation; RNAi; molecular recognition; X-ray crystallography
Joshua-Tor lab website: http://joshua-torlab.labsites.cshl.edu

Molly Gale Hammell

Associate Professor
Research Area: Gene regulatory networks; integrated genomic analysis; bioinformatics; RNA biology; small RNAs
Hammell lab website: http://hammelllab.labsites.cshl.edu

Camilla dos Santos

Assistant Professor
Research Area: Breast cancer, mammary gland development, stem cells, enhancer biology, gene regulation
dos Santos lab website: http://dossantoslab.labsites.cshl.edu/


Doreen Ware

Adjunct Professor
Research Area: Genomics, plant biology, computational biology, gene regulation, genetic diversity, genome evolution
Ware lab website: http://www.warelab.org/


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