Angeline Dukes

This week for WiSE Wednesday we’re featuring Angeline Dukes, Ph.D. the President and Co-Founder of Black in Neuro, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience at UMN, and Co-director of MINDS post-bac program.

She received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the Historically Black College/University (HBCU), Fisk University, in 2017. She recently defended her Ph.D. in Christie Fowler’s lab at the University of California, Irvine, and is starting as an Assistant Professor at UMN this year.

As an addiction neuroscientist, Angeline’s research seeks to assess the long-term effects of adolescent nicotine and cannabinoid exposure.

photo featured from a recent interview with UCI News titled “The inspiration behind Black In Neuro” where she talked about the story behind the organization.

Angeline Dukes is the daughter of Haitian and Trinidadian immigrants and a first-generation college graduate. Angeline has been an NIH-funded MARC scholar, an NSF GRFP Fellow, and is currently a NIDA T32 Fellow. She is also a fellow in the SfN Neuroscience Scholars Program and has participated in the SPINES program.

Aside from research, she is passionate about the support and mentorship of historically marginalized students in the sciences. As the Founder and current President of Black In Neuro, Angeline aims to cultivate safe spaces for Black scholars to find community and support as they thrive in neuroscience fields. Her ultimate career goal is to become a neuroscience professor at an HBCU and inspire young Black students to see their potential in the field!

You can connect with Angeline on Twitter @TheRealDrDukes!

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