COVID-19 Resources

What viral evolution can teach us about the Coronavirus Pandemic (April 2020) Evolutionary biologist Katherine S. Xue, PhD, discusses the spread of COVID-19 from Wuhan to Seattle, WA and beyond and suggests the importance of widespread diagnostic testing. 

Datacamp Coding Tutorial: Covid-19 (March 2020) Tutorial using Python for exploratory data analysis of Covid-19 case data.

How early-career scientists are coping with Covid-19 (April 2020) Science Careers asks 11 early-career scientists how they are doing and what strategies they have found helpful as they cope with coronavirus-related challenges, stressors, and worries. 

The Pandemic and the Female Academic (April 2020) “I’m curious what lockdown will reveal about the ‘maternal wall’ that can block faculty advancement.”

Tips for Defending a Dissertation by Videoconference

The CDC has some great resources on the topics of mental health and coping during Covid-19.Mental health strategies to combat the psychological impact of Covid-19 beyond paranoia and panic (March 2020) Highlighting the need to have a nation-wide psychological intervention plan, Ho, Cyrus et al. suggest 6 strategies that authorities could consider to better equip them for their battle against COVID-19.  

The outbreak of Covid-19 and its impact on global mental health (March 2020)

The emotional impact of Covid-19 (May  2020)

How To Practice Social Distancing (March 2020)

Ordering Food During The Pandemic (April 2020)

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