Coding Camp for Girls

WiSE outreach hosted a two-day introductory coding camp for girls April 28-29, 2018.  This event was designed for girls in grades 8-12 interested in learning the basics of computer programming.  Thirty girls from the Long Island attended, eager to learn from our instructors, three brilliant graduate students: Shaina Lu, Lizzie Hutton, and Elsie Gibson, who use computer programming in their research. Using the Khan Academy JavaScript live editor platform, they introduced the girls to the fundamentals of writing javascript code, including the concept of variables and if-then statements.  The girls then used what they learned to draw and animate a sun on javascript, which left a lot of room for creativity.  At the end, the teachers highlighted the applications of computer programming in science and discussed internet safety. This event was successful in exposing the girls to computer programming for the first time, and we hope they will continue to learn about coding through the free Khan Academy tools.

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