Girl Scout Brain Day

In celebration of Brain Awareness Week, on May 5, 2018,  a group of Girl Scouts visited the lab to participate in WiSE Brain Day: Backyard Brains.  The day started with an introduction to neuroscience and the basics of the nervous system, with an emphasis on the neuromuscular junction. The girls were then split into groups to rotate through five stations that focused on a different concept of neuroscience.  At one station, the girls got the chance to examine and hold preserved sheep, rat, and mice brains as they learned about the anatomy and functions of different areas of the brain. The other stations utilized Backyard Brains equipment to demonstrate some of the concepts they learned about.  The girls placed electrodes on their muscles to examine the electrical signals that take place at rest and during contractions on endomyograms (EMG). At another station, they attached electrodes to their muscles and used their contractions to control a robotic claw.  At the “mind control” station, everyone’s favorite, electrodes detecting the electrical activity of contraction on one person were used to control another person’s movement.  The girls were sent home with reading material and workbooks from the Dana Foundation. 

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