WiSE Fun with DNA Summer Camp

August 28 - September 1, 2017 WiSE partnered with the Dolan DNA Learning Center to host a WiSE Fun with DNA summer camp. Created by WiSE Vice President Alexandra Ambrico, the program offered an chance for girls to learn about science from women scientists. After a day of the DNALC’s traditional activities, the girls spent the afternoon being taught by women scientists from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL). Each scientist chose a topic related to the camp program and found new and exciting ways to supplement what the girls had learned earlier in the day. This not only created a fantastic environment for education, but also provided them with women mentors who they were able to talk to and ask questions. Through fun activities such as a DNA replication Bollywood dance and an acid-base "vaccination game," the girls learned about topics ranging from CRISPR to NASA. The camp was a great success and we hope to make it a yearly event. You can read more about this inaugural session in a blog piece by Alexandra: https://www.sa-sha.org/science/2017/9/5/wise-fun-with-dna.

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