WiSE Scientists for International Students

July 26, 2018

On July 26, 2018,  the DNA Learning Center hosted 60 students and teachers from China.  On July 26, two WiSE scientists were invited to discuss their research with the international group.   Our first featured WiSE scientist was WSBS graduate student Katie Meze from the Joshua-Tor Lab. Katie explained the importance of protein structure and introduced the students to the cutting-edge technology of cryogenic electron microscopy that she uses in her work with cancer-related protein complexes.  Our second featured speaker was post-doc Irene Casanova Salas from the Trotman Lab. She discussed the use of biomarkers in the exosomes of liquid biopsies as a tool for assessing whether a patient with prostate cancer will progress to metastasis.

This event provided a unique opportunity for these WiSE scientists to practice their presentation skills with an international audience.  They used many pictures, animations, and hand gestures to communicate with the students. Based on the students’ many questions that followed, their efforts in effective communication were more than successful.  The students were inspired and engaged as they asked questions about protein structure, using exosomes in cancer diagnosis, and other applications for the technologies Katie and Irene introduced. It was a rewarding experience that allowed us to put a spotlight on successful women in STEM and break down language barriers in science.  

by Cassidy Danyko

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