Trans in STEM

Resources to Support Trans Women in STEM

Non-scholarly Articles, Websites, and Blogs: 

How to make STEM a safe place for trans and non-binary people

6 Ways I Make My Science Class LGBTQ-Inclusive as a Trans Teacher

Transgender researchers want to make an impact

Science has to do better for its queer, trans, and non-binary scientists

Stop Using Phony Science to Justify Transphobia

Bumbling Biochemist: LGBTQ Inclusion in STEM: 

Harvard GSAS: Between the Gender Lines

Trans In Stem twitter:

Compiled Academic Resources:

How LGBTQ Scientists would like to be included and welcomed into the workplace (Nature): 

Transgender Support, Hotlines, and Additional Resources:,volunteers%20and%20has%20varying%20hours.


Autobiography of Trans Scientist by Ben Barres

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