Upcoming Events:

2020 WiSE Coding Camp This camp is for girls grade 8-12 with little to no coding experience. It is held over 4 weekend sessions (Jan 25th, Jan 26th, Feb 1st, and Feb 8th) and you can find more information by clicking on the link.

Brain Day with Girl Scouts: April 25th 10am -12pm

WiSE Party 2017, Photo: Constance Brukin

If you want to learn about molecular biology, Dr. Lizabeth Allison is a good person to turn to – she literally wrote a book on it & she's 2020 awardee of @ASBMB Kirschstein Diversity in Science Award. Congratulations! #WiSEWednesday @biochem_bri

Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin was a pioneer in x-ray crystallography – She wanted to get a look at molecules, but the tech didn’t exist to do it – so she developed it & used it to "look" at penicillin, vitamin B12, insulin, & more https://t.co/cDfvJgtmol @biochem_bri #WiSEWednesday

CSHL WiSE is a network of scientists working to build a more supportive, collaborative, and equal scientific community for all. We provide a platform for professional development and empowerment through mentorship, career planning, and educational opportunities tailored toward issues disproportionately affecting women.

CSHL WiSE was founded in 2015 by students, postdocs and technicians looking to create a strong and collaborative support system for women scientists at CSHL and beyond. WiSE is open to all members of the CSHL community. CSHL WiSE is thankful for the ongoing support of the CSHL administration.

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