Professional Development

As part of our mission of providing women with the resources they need to succeed in scientific careers, we organize workshops for the entire CSHL community covering topics including:

  • Speaking to be Heard
  • Giving Effective Presentations
  • Negotiating for What You Need
  • Managing Your Finances

We also organize Practice Talks to provide opportunities for all CSHL scientists to practice giving research talks and receive constructive feedback in a supportive environment. At this moment, we are holding virtual practice talks for post-docs and graduate students. Email Andrea at if you are interested.

Career Launch & Acceleration Workshop

WiSE hosted a professional development workshop in partnership with COACh, called “Career Launch & Acceleration”. The workshop provided great tips for everyone – graduate students, technicians, postdocs, and others thinking about the next step in their career. Workshop description: Seeking and starting that first job as a scientist is a time of great transition and uncertainty....

Panel Discussion with CSHL BEC on Women Entrepreneurs and Scientists

Flyer and event created in collaboration with CSHL BEC (Bioscience Enterprise Club). The event was: ‘Women STEM Entrepreneurs – Panel Discussion’ and it happened on Feb 4, 2021. Participants had the opportunity attend a discussion from two successful women scientists who are also entrepreneurs.   The invited speakers were:  Nancy Thornberry – CEO, Kallyope...

Tech to Grad Event

Are you thinking about applying to graduate or medical school in the next few years? If so, consider joining us for our next Tech-to-Grad panel discussion! Our last event took place September 15th, 2020. We had graduate student panelists share what they wish they had known when applying, as well as faculty and administration representatives who also...

Speak to be Heard Workshop with Judy Mizrachi

August 20 & 21, 2018 Judy Mizrachi, WiSE member & graduate student in the Osten lab, led a very special two-part “Speak to be Heard” workshop at the end of August.  With an Associate of Arts degree in performing arts and theater, Judy Mizrachi came to WISE with a proposal to teach a workshop...

Finance and Investing Workshop

It's so important that women receive the education they need to comfortably handle their finances - too often it's seen as a "man's job."  At our Finance and Investing Workshop on December 11, 2017, we learned from financial experts Avani Ramnani, CFP® CDFA® and Natalie Colley, CFP® about topics including investing, saving, budgeting, paying off student loans, and...

Diversity in STEM – Special Seminar and Panel Discussion

Underrepresented minorities face unique challenges and often have difficultly getting their voice heard. As part of our efforts to bring attention to issues of diversity in science and initiate discussions of how CSHL can best support diversity, WiSE partnered with Meetings & Courses, and the PDLC to host a Special Lecture by Lydia Villa-Komaroff...

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