Find a Scientist

In addition to the initiative of Women in Biology Speakers List, please look into these resources:

A data-driven approach to selecting invited speakers at conferences: a step toward gender parity(2019)

  • “We present a data-driven approach to invited speaker selection that would facilitate gender balanced conference programs while maintaining the highest of scientific standards”

Women in Biology CSHL WiSE | Anne’s List | Women In Neuroscience | Women in BrainStim | Women in Neuroscience Repository | Expert Women in Microbiology | Directory of Women in Machine Learning | Folks of GCB |Request a Woman Scientist

  • Databases to help you identify and recommend women scientists for conferences, symposia or collaborations.  Criteria vary.

Science’s Xx Files | Stem Fatale Historical Women in Science Podcast | Stem Role Models Posters — In 8 Languages | Science Heroes: Women In Stem

  • Projects highlighting the profiles of Women Scientists.
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