Fascination of Plants Day

Fascination of Plants Day (May 18th) is an international event celebrating the importance of plants for agriculture, biodiversity, environmental conservation, and sustainable development. On the occasion of the sixth International Fascination of Plants Day, which was launched by the global plant science community under the umbrella of the European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO), Sessen Daniel Iohannes, WiSE Co-Chair of Outreach, alongside two volunteers (Nissim Ranade, WiSE Chair of Professional Development, and Peipei Wu) held a plant science workshop at Queens Academy High School (NY).

The workshop aimed to introduce the importance of plant biology to help answer questions in fundamental biology and to address challenges like food security and global warming. We also wanted to showcase diverse career paths in plant science to the students. As part of this workshop, an inquiry-based lab was organized to allow students to grow maize seeds with mutant traits and report their results using a provided worksheet.

About 40 students participated in this workshop and showed great enthusiasm to learn more about plant science, genetics, and what scientists do at institutions like CSHL. At the end of the event, Sessen discussed with teachers at Queens Academy High about future plans to develop a plant science curriculum for the school’s elective courses. We look forward to continuing the collaboration and providing more educational opportunities to our communities.

We look forward to continuing the collaboration and bringing more resources in life science to students from the local community.



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