Speaker’s Breakfasts

Each week, CSHL's Seminar Series brings leading scientists from around the world to CSHL to give talks. We organize breakfasts for female invited speakers to talk with WiSE members in an informal setting.

Breakfast with Dr. Joanna Wysocka

We're so grateful to have had the privilege of a visit from Stanford's Dr. Joanna Wysocka. Our always great WiSE breakfasts were made extra special with special guests assistant professor Jessica Tollkuhn and Mila Pollock Executive Director of CSHL's Library & Archive. After breakfast, Joanna gave a fascinating talk on "Gene regulatory mechanisms in...

Breakfast with Dr. Eva Nogales

We had a great breakfast and inspiring conversation with UC Berkeley biophysicist and HHMI investigator Dr. Eva Nogales this morning! Her advice: stand up for yourself and speak up if things don't seem equitable. Later in the day, Dr. Nogales gave a seminar about her work using cryo-EM to visualize the machinery of DNA...

Breakfast with Dr. Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz

Thank you Dr. Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz for coming to visit us! After a breakfast with WiSE members, Jennifer gave a fascinating seminar about her work as an HHMI investigator at the Janelia Research Campus using novel fluorescent imaging techniques to visualize cellular organelles. https://www.janelia.org/people/jennifer-lippincott-schwartz Photo credit: Jue Xiang...

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