In-House Education

Our In House Education (IHE) initiative was founded in 2017 to promote exposure to gender bias literature, historically seen as falling outside of traditional “scientific” literature. The focus of our IHE Chair is to organize events that promote continued self- and peer-to-peer education for scientists-in-training on our campus. We believe that such education is critical for changing the cultural climate; our target audience for this branch are the scientists we work among therefore we use the most powerful tool there is to convince them of the need for this change: data.

The goals of the In-House Education (IHE) pillar of WiSE are threefold:

  1. To expose scientists-in-training of all genders to the field of Gender Disparity
  2. To apply scientific scrutiny and analysis to literature from that field
  3. To foster open and respectful discussions of that literature and surrounding topics

To accomplish these goals, we host the following events, discussed further below:

  • Journal Club: Bi-monthly meetings to promote the application of scientific scrutiny to peer-reviewed literature on gender disparities.
  • WiSE Retreat: An annual event that welcomes scientists-in-training at CSHL and from neighboring NY-based institutes to attend lectures given by WiSE e-board members and invited guest speakers on gender disparity.
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