Aviv Regev

This week for WiSE Wednesday we’re featuring Dr. Aviv Regev, Executive Vice President and Head of Research and Early Development at Genentech.  She is a pioneer in the fields of single cell analysis, bioinformatics and systems biology and is a co-chair of the organizing committee for the Human Cell Atlas project, an international project to create a reference for all human cells.

Dr. Regev received a MSc and a Ph.D in computational biology from Tel Aviv University and became a Bauer Fellow at the Center for Genomics Research at Harvard before becoming an Assistant Professor at MIT and a core member of the Broad Institute. There she held many leadership positions as the Founding Director of the Klarman Cell Observatory, the Director of the Cell Circuits Program and Chair of the Faculty. She is also a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, a member of the National Academy of Sciences and has been a member of many academic and corporate advisory boards. In addition, throughout her career she has had a focus on teaching and mentoring. She has recently moved on to become the Head of Research and Early Development at Genentech, a prestigious role in the pharmaceutical world where her work can continue to have a lasting impact on the fields of biology and medicine. 

Her research interests are wide and her lab studies mammalian regulatory circuitry, the circuits that control cell differentiation, evolution of gene regulation from bacteria to mammalian cells and cancer. Her lab is at the forefront of single cell analysis both in technological and computational methods setting standards for the field in both modalities. Her work on the Human Cell Atlas project to create a comprehensive map has applications across biology in the treatment of a wide variety of diseases and in the understanding of humans at the cellular level. 

Noteworthy publications:

Regev A, Teichmann SA, Lander ES, et al. The Human Cell Atlas. Elife. 2017;6:e27041. Published 2017 Dec 5. doi:10.7554/eLife.27041 

Entry courtesy of Claire Regan


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