Indira Raman

Time for another WiSE Wednesday! Today we are talking about Dr. Indira Raman, a professor at Northwestern’s Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences. In the beginning, Dr. Raman was interested in linguistics and mathematics. Her father suggested she go into science, but she kept her interest in linguistics and mathematics as her thinking led her to neuroscience.

For her undergraduate studies, Dr. Raman attended Cornell University, receiving a degree in Neurobiology and Behavior. She went on from there to Wisconsin-Madison, where she did her PhD. She was also very involved in the technique of electrophysiology. She then pursued her Postdoc at Harvard Medical School in the lab of Bruce Been, who studied Purkinje cells and the cerebellum. Now her research interests include ion channel biophysics and cerebellar physiology. 

At Northwestern University, she holds the Bill and Gayle Cook Chair in Biology. She also is a recipient of the Charles Deering McCormick Professorship of Teaching Excellence award. Dr. Raman has also served on NIH committees and has been involved in editorial roles within scientific journals.


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