Sarah Diermeier-Herridge

This WiSE Wednesday we honor this year’s WiSE post-doc mentor awardee, molecular biologist Dr. Sarah Diermeier-Herridge. The WiSE Mentorship Awards were created to honor the men and women who are not only exceptional scientists, but also mentors to women at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. This year we presented our inaugural award in the post-doc or student category to Dr. Sarah Diermeier-Herridge.

Sarah received her PhD from the University of Regensburg in Molecular Biology and Genomics before joining the Spector Laboratory at Cold Spring Habor Laboratory as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. By analyzing global gene expression data of mouse and human tumors she discovered 30 long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) that could be involved in breast cancer. She validated these lncRNAs as novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets using antisense knockdown and genetic knockout (Cas9/CRISPR) assays. Sarah became an Adjunct Professor at Long Island University and taught courses such as ”Molecular & Cellular Biology of Cancer" and "Advanced Topics in Cancer Biology.”

Also, while at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Sarah became president of the Bioscience Enterprise Club (BEC) which focuses on enabling members to explore alternative science careers and develop entrepreneurial skills through interaction with peers and professionals representing industry, government and academic career paths. She hosted the Beyond the Bench Symposium 2017 with Keynote Speaker Dr. Jennifer Doudna and invited speakers from across the United States to discuss alternative careers to the academic path.

Many consider Sarah a mentor, especially, Tumi Tran, who nominated Sarah for her ability to provide guidance and confidence to her while co-organizing the Beyond the Bench Symposium 2017. While a mentor, Sarah is also a friend and role model, a true inspiration for women in science.

Congratulations are also in order since Sarah recently became a Professor at Otago University in New Zealand in the Department of Biochemistry and will be starting in the new year. Her lab is currently hiring so check out her webpage:

This WiSE Wednesday was brought to you by a guest author, WiSE VP Alexandra Ambrico. Thanks Alex!

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